Soy Candles

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Sweary Candle - Let That Shit Go!

Luxe Jumbo Soy Candle 50% Off Sale

Sweary Candle Best Fucking Friend Ever!

Your Custom Candle - Add Your Own Label

Sweary Candle Relax (Your Name)

Sweary Candle Friendship-Thanks For Being The Pee In My Pants!

Sweary Candle Inhale The Good Shit, Exhale The Bullshit!

Sweary Candle My Last Fuck - Oh look it's on Fire!

Bespoke Candle - Personalised for you Gold

Refill - Signature Sweary and Bespoke Name

Mandle - A Candle for Men

Massage Candles

Sample and GiftingTins

Bespoke Candle - Personalised for you Silver

Signature Candles

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